Checklist For Choosing Best Catheters

Take into account that catheters are a multipart and diverse group of medical products. While they all provide with a similar ultimate function, the particular needs and demands of every individual patient can bring about some confusion with regard to which product is right for them. Those patients who are regarding catheterization as a way out for various health problems should exercise diligence in searching the right catheter for their way of life and health requirements.

When you’re about to select your catheter for self-catheterization you may wish to prepare yourself with a number of questions that you can ask the nurse, before you start searching for the right steel catheter.The checklist below will assist you get more information about the best Amici catheters. With all these questions you can simply find the high-quality medical equipment.

Best Catheters


Proven extensive–term safety: Is there clinical proof to support that the catheter you are about to use on a frequent (or every day) basis is safe for you long term? What’s more, don’t forget about hydroponic covering for maximum comfort and least harm to the urethra during your cauterization. As a result, ask whether the catheter have a hydroponic covering that stays slippery both at placing and at removal of the catheter, to care for your urethra and give you the most comfort? Smoothness of the catheter: Is the catheter flexible enough to not hurt your urethra (and cause for instance bleedings?


Keep in your mind that tube length is a significant factor for handling and complete bladder emptying so as to stay away from infections: What will be the length of steel catheters to give you stable handling and at the same time guarantee complete bladder emptying, that will give you superior protection against various infections? What’s more, check tube width for better emptying: What width of the catheter should you make use of?


Handling support for a fixed grip and non-touch system (lessened bacterial contamination) when catheterizing: Do these catheters present a handling aid that offers you a great grip for a superior and safer handling?

Everyday life needs

Fitting into your way of life: Will this catheter be simple to incorporate into your way of life? Is it prudent enough? Can you fold it together and put it in your pocket? Does it have a hanging function? Do steel catheters have all the things you need (water, collection bag, usage aid, etc.?

With this checklist of questions you can be sure to choose the right catheters for you needs. But if you want to get more information, it is even better to have a consultation with your nurse or doctor as well.

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