Healthy Diet and Supplements Stimulate Hair Growth

The cells that happen to back strong healthy hair depend on a balanced diet just like in the case of every other organ and parts of your body. If you follow a bad diet, you may not realize the harmful effects on your hair instantly. It may take longer to realize the positive or negative changes. In just about a week’s time, if you happen to continue with the bad diet, this congealed acne flare-ups. In a week’s time you will be able to notice a sallow skin but in may take up to over a month’s nutritional deficiency and junk food for the real effects to show up on your hair.

Healthy Diet and Supplements Stimulate Hair Growth

The nutrients you are consuming today will help make the hair follicle vibrant and strong. However, it is also true that there are a lot of other natural factors which are connected with your hair’s health and there is more to it than what you eat. If you smoke too much or if you have sleeping problems and maybe hormonal imbalances in your body, well, it will put your in trouble in most cases.

If the micro blood circulation of your hair follicle decreases, then you can’t really help your hair unless you create the necessary vasodilation of the capillaries that allow the blood to reach the root and the follicles. You can easily reactivate the blood flow to the scalp by taking various natural stop hair programs that are available on the internet or from doctors.

However, if you happen to keep having a balanced, diverse protein rich diet, you will be able to give your hair the proper optimum amount of nutrition it requires.

The quality of water that we happen to consume also affects our hair growth. Provision for good drinking water has been a perennial problem for the people of Kolkata. This has led to the rise of baldness among the people of Kolkata and the subsequent sporadic rise of hair clinics in the city. However, the cost of living of the city being on the lower side, these clinics have keep the hair transplant cost in Kolkata within the bounds of normal middle class people. But, it is advisable to people who are going to opt for hair transplant surgery to go for online medical counselling.


Exotic fruits may come and go but when it comes to vitamin C it is difficult to top its nutritional element.

Blueberries are generally perennial flowering plants having indigo-colored berries from the section Cyano coccus within the genus Vaccinium.

Rich in vitamin CHelps in blood circulation

Supports the small minute vessels that constantly feed the follicles






Radiant, vibrant-looking spinach leaves not only attract the eye but are nourishing as well. A major new category of nutrients which happen to be health-supportive have been discovered in spinach, called “glycoglycerolipids.”  They are molecules which are fat-related found in the membranes of light-sensitive organs in almost all plants. They’re crucial for the process of photosynthesis which is carried out by plants. Recent experiments have shown that glycoglycerolipids from spinach are also capable of protecting the lining of the digestive tract from damage.

Contain folate, beta caroteneContain iron and lots of vitamin CKeep follicles healthy

Promote blood circulation Alternatives:

      Similar nutrient-rich dark leafy vegetables like:LENTILSFull of proteinIron, zinc and biotinGreat nutritional element for both meat eaters as well as vegetarians

       Alternatives Salmon Salmon happens to be the general name given to the various species of ray-finned fish of the family Salmonidae.  Some other fish in the same family are trout, char, grayling and whitefish.

Salmon happen to be anadromous, i.e, they are born in fresh water, and they then migrate to the ocean, then return to fresh waters to reproduce. However, denizens of several species happen to be bounded to fresh water throughout their lifetime.

The flesh of this pink and very delicious fish is:

Rich in omega-3 fatty acids

Vitamin D & proteins

These are all key elements to having and maintaining strong hair. Our body is not equipped to be able to make these fatty acids which are essential for hair growth. A very minute portion of the hair shaft is made of these fatty acids. These are also present in the cell membranes in the skin of your scalp. The introduction of salmon into your diet will collate these beneficial acids into your body, helping your hair gain strength.






Pumpkin seeds


The only type of nut with omega-3 fatty acids

Rich in vitamin E & Biotin(protects from DNA damage)Contains copper which helps maintain our natural hair colour, rich and shining Alternatives

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